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Pandas are my first love and one of the things that got me into collecting phone cards all those years ago.  I also collect all kinds of other panda paper/plastic goods, among them animation cels, stickers, writing pads, cards, stamps, etc.  Oh and a small assortment of stuffed pands and other little things.
There are 20 pages, each filled with 8 phone cards and scanned at actual size.   Ive tried to make the file size as small as possible (around 85k each) to reduce on loading time.  The phone cards are not in any particular order,  except for on occasion by country.  Empty slots will be filled later.  I hope you like my collection of Panda phone cards and if you  have any questions about them, please feel free to
ask, but please note that  none of them are for sale or trade.  If you are looking to buy or trade, I do have a limited number available, so please let me know.

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